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Can a normal external hard drive work with battlefield 3 for xbox 360 slim?

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I keep reading yes but only for ones made for xbox, and i read that you can format any hard drive to make it work for battlefield 3. So now that the game has been out for a while can a normal 120G external hard drive with usb connection work with xbox360 to save the battlefield 3 HD updates? Or am i stuck buying the microsoft made xbox 360 hard drive?

i am pretty sure if has to be an xbox hard drive to work but im sure if you google it enough you should be able to find a jailbreak way for it to work. good luck hunting

What external hard drive connection is best for watching HD movies?


I am looking to store and watch High Def backups of my movies off of an external hard drive, on my computer.

Of what I read, theres several connections for data transfer, Firewire, eSATA and USB 3.0....will those get the job done? Or are none of those necesary and a basic USB 2.0 can do the job?

USB 2 is enough

a normal speed for USB 2 is 8 mb/s

and for example you have a 2 hours movie that is 11 GB

11 gb = 11000 mb
2 hours = 7200 sec

11000/7200 = 1.52

so you see that you will need 1.52 mb/s transfer speed for a such movie
so usb 2 is fine

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